Teamwork Service Dogs Online I

Welcome to the Top Dog online course “Teamwork: Service Dogs Online”! We hope you enjoy the course as you work your way through it.

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Module 1 Getting Started  
Unit 1 SECTION 1
Unit 2 Article: Taking Care of Fido
Unit 3 Article: In Praise of Praise
Unit 4 Article: Pack Relationships
Unit 5 Article: Breed Characteristics- A Chow is Not a Lap Dog
Unit 6 Article: Learn The Language
Unit 7 Article: Problems At Home
Unit 8 Article: Commands
Module 2 Attention & Sit  
Unit 1 Section 2 – Attention and Sit
Unit 2 Section 2 – Article: It’s Okay
Module 3 Down And Stay  
Unit 1 Down and Stay
Module 4 Come and Heel  
Unit 1 Section 4 – Come and Heel
Unit 2 Where Did He Learn That?
Module 5 Wait And Leave It  
Unit 1 Section 5 – Wait and Leave It
Module 6 Summary of Basic Obdedience  
Unit 1 Section 6 – You’re Still Not Finished