Online Training

Online Training

TEAMWORK: Service Dogs Online

Whether you want to make your dog a better companion at home or train a certified service dog, TOP DOG can help you achieve your goal.  It’s exciting, rewarding and fun to train your own dog and ultimately become a Certified TOP DOG team … living and working together with harmony and mutual respect.

The Service Dogs Online course consists of two separate sessions, each lasting from three to six months. You will have continuous access to our staff throughout the program.  It starts with basic obedience in TEAMWORK I.  If your dog is already well trained, you will breeze through this session.  It is vital to strengthen and reinforce these basic skills, in order to achieve the more advanced service exercises in TEAMWORK II.

TEAMWORK I – Basic Obedience, Session I

In TEAMWORK I, you will learn TOP DOG’s overall training philosophy, methodology,  and develop deeper insight into basic canine behavior.  As you master each section of this session you will be required to complete a questionnaire, so we can assess your knowledge and skill before advancing onto the next section.  While each section may be mastered in one to two weeks, some people and dogs need more time. Please take into consideration the age, breed, and temperament of your individual dog and understand that some exercises may be harder to master than others. Your level of disability and experience may also affect this process. Please work on each section thoroughly.  You are building foundations that will last a lifetime. Always err on the side of more practice rather than less. Remember in dog training, slow is fast.

After successfully completing all of the sections in Session I, you will receive a graduation certificate acknowledging your accomplishments in teaching your dog basic obedience.  If teaching basic obedience was your objective, you and your dog will be well on your way to becoming a very happy team – able to work together with mutual respect and understanding.  Remember to keep practicing and working with your dog.  Find fun ways to teach new things, so you both stay fresh and interested.

TEAMWORK II – Advanced Training, Session II 

If you want to train a working service dog that can assist you in everyday life, then TEAMWORK II is just right for you. In Session II, we will work with you to devise a personalized regimen of service exercises that address your individual needs. We will provide numerous informative articles to read that will increase your knowledge, insight, and training vocabulary. You will have continuous access to our staff who will work with you to build an effective training program, help you over the rough spots, and ultimately help you prepare for your TOP DOG Certification test.


If your dog is already doing basic obedience very well, you may want to jump right into Teamwork II and learn how to teach the service exercises. You must complete the questionnaire and practical test to determine your level of training.

To purchase any of the online courses, “Teamwork I,” “Teamwork II,” or the “Test to Skip Session I,” simply click on the title and it will take you to the store