TOP DOG is always seeking qualified volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors, to help with numerous fundraising activities and outreach programs, or to serve as Training Assistants on behalf of its many clients.

Become a Training Assistant (TA)

TAs must attend a specialized training course where they will learn the basics of canine behavior and psychology, service dog training methods, and develop a deeper understanding for the many challenges and limitations people face with various types of disabilities.

Upon course completion, TAs serve as coach, mentor, and adviser to one of our clients. TAs attend Saturday morning classes at TOP DOG with their clients and must additionally meet at least once during the week on a schedule of their own choosing. TAs do none of the actual hands-on training this is the exclusive domain of each TOP DOG client.

They are there to lean on, motivate, encourage and lend support to clients throughout the training process. TAs and clients often put their heads together and come up with innovative solutions to unique problems.  A strong three-way bond is formed among Student-Dog-TA and there is always great pride that comes from helping a team achieve TOP DOG Certification.

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